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Origen is an Spanish League of Legends team founded by xPeke. After leaving Fnatic in 2014, he picked his own team roster: Niels, Mithy, Soaz and Amazing. With this first top team, xPeke lead Origen in a short period of time to the EU LCS. In the 2015 EU LCS Summer Split, being their first regular season in the European elite as a team, Origen finished 2nd, after Fnatic’s historical 18-0. During the Playoffs the team made a good job falling against an unstoppable Fnatic in the finals. After that, Origen qualified to the World Championship and made it to the Semifinials. At that time Origen was defeated by SK Telecom T1. In 2016, Origen announced the addition of PowerOfEvil to their roster, appearing rumors of xPeke retirement. In 2016, after the good job from the team in the Spring Split and Spring Playoffs (reaching to the final against G2), the botlane duo (Zven and Mithy) left the team. For this reason FORG1VEN and Hybrid joined it to replace them. Despite the new changes, even with xPeke returning to play as the AD Carry, Origen finished at the bottom of the Summer Split Ranking, and didn't qualify for the Playoffs.