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FC Schalke 04 Esports is the eSports FC Schalke division. The known German club purchased Element’s seed and Roster in the EU LCS during May 2016 . The Elements’ roster, composed by Steve, Gilius, MrRalleZ and Sprattel joined the team, together with Fox from Unicorns of Love. As a curiosity, Elements also came from the former team Alliance, due to a new sponsorships rule established during 2015 season. During the EU LCS Spring Split 2016, Elements finished 7th. At the beginning of the EU LCS Summer Split, all the internal changes in the team seemed to have a good result in Schalke’s players. However, after few weeks the team seemed to have lost their energy, until the point that they lost their spot in the LCS after losing the Promotions against ROCCAT and Misfits.